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Carrier® Air Filters, Vents and More from J&S Heating & Air Conditioning

Beyond the typical heating and cooling appliances such as boilers or water heaters, J&S Heating & Air Conditioning provides the Niagara Region with accessories and necessary electronics. Whether you’re looking for new air filters or a carbon monoxide alarm, J&S Heating & Air Conditioning can supply you with the best Carrier® appliances, installations and repairs.


Carrier® offers several ventilation systems including:

  • Fresh Air Vent
  • ERV/HRV (in two models)
  • Add-On ERV

Each ventilation system is created for different areas and types of air. Carrier® recommends the HRV and the fresh air vent models for Canadian provinces due to their ability to provide comfort in long cold seasons.


Carrier provides air filtration products such as filter cabinets for furnaces and cartridge filters. Air filters treat 100% of the air in your home, removing airborne pollutants. Carrier® provides air filters that meet many needs with four levels of efficiency. Choose the level of air cleaning that is best for you and your family.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm
This Carrier® product uses sophisticated electronics and sensors to detect levels of CO in your air. The easy-to-read display allows for daily monitoring, and if there are dangerous levels of CO present in your home, a loud alarm alerts you and your family.

UV Lamps

The cooling coil in your air conditioning unit can become infested with mould spores, bacteria and fungi. To prevent a reduction in the system’s efficiency and breathable contaminants being released, it is best to get a Carrier® germicidal UV lamp to sterilize the cooling coil.

Have your new Carrier® UV lamps and air filters installed by the professionals from J&S Heating & Air Conditioning. Call us today for a free quote on a product or service.

Emergency Repairs

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