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We Can Service and Supply Air Conditioners in St. Catharines & Niagara

As a homeowner or commercial property manager, you rely on your air conditioner to help you get through the summer months. Any problem with it can cause immense discomfort, forcing you to halt your routine. That is where we at J & S Heating And Air Conditioning come in. We offer comprehensive services for air conditioners in St. Catharines and the Niagara region. Our experienced and licensed technicians can repair, maintain and replace your air conditioner and offer long-lasting solutions.  We have years of experience working on commercial and residential spaces and can provide solutions that enhance your property's value and functionality. 

​If your AC unit has stopped working or you think it’s time for an upgrade, we have the perfect air conditioner for your home and lifestyle in St. Catharines. We carry various Carrier® air conditioners, from weatherproof to variable-speed rotary models. Read each product description and follow the links to find more information in our Carrier® brochures.

Apart from an air conditioner in St. Catharines, we offer a wide range of HVAC equipment. Speak to us about our specials today!

Signs It Is Time to Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

If you think your current AC unit is taking a lot of time to cool your space, it may be time to evaluate your air conditioner and consider a new and more efficient model. Also, look for these signs to determine if you need to buy a new AC unit.

  • You don’t feel enough cooling: This is the first clear sign that your AC unit is malfunctioning. There could be several reasons behind it, such as your HVAC system is not clean, your existing AC is too small for your home, or your AC is too old.

  • You have called for a technician more often than usual: It is good to get regular maintenance of your AC unit by an HVAC professional, but if you call them too often for repairs, the cost can soon exceed the price of a new unit.

  • You have been noticing a rise in your electricity bill: It is normal for an AC unit to gradually decline in efficiency. If you have been using an AC unit that is 10+ years old, you are bound to see an uptick in your electricity bill. Replacing it with a new AC will help you bring down 20-40% of energy costs.

At J & S Heating And Air Conditioning, we have a range of AC units that not only provide superior comfort but also bring down your utility bill. Call a member of our team, and we will help you choose the perfect unit for your budget and needs.

The Benefits of Replacing Your Air Conditioner

Are you on the fence about investing in a new air conditioner? We at J & S Heating And Air Conditioning recommend paying attention to the following benefits that doing so can offer:

  • Monetary savings
    An outdated air conditioner will use more energy than necessary to function, leading to a spike in energy costs. On the other hand, an updated unit will be more energy-efficient, and you won’t be forced to spend money on expensive repairs.

  • Cleaner air
    Old air conditioners gradually lose their ability to filter out dirt and debris. This impacts the air quality in your property, leading to allergies.

  • Noise-free cooling
    Outdated systems tend to make a lot of noise when functioning. A new unit will cool your property without creating unnecessary noises and, in the process, will offer you peace of mind.

  • Increased property value
    Outfitting your property with a top-of-the-line cooling system can increase its market value. It can help your home or commercial property stand out from the competition.

  • Enhanced performance
    A newer air conditioner will cool your property better, improve your comfort, and leave no hot spots.

​If you are interested in knowing about the benefits of a new air conditioner in St. Catharines and Niagara, please speak to us. We can also provide you with units for rent.

Should You Repair or Replace Your AC Unit?

When your current air conditioner unit is not working properly or has broken down, you may wonder whether it would be better to fix or replace the whole unit. Here are the aspects you should consider:

  • Age of your unit: The age of your unit is the first factor you must consider when deciding whether to repair or replace the unit. Like every other electrical appliance, AC units also have a life span of ten to fifteen years. With regular maintenance, they could last longer, but the efficiency will go down drastically.

  • Current efficiency: The AC efficiency is rated in SEERs: Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the rating, the more efficient your unit is. If the ratings are low, consider upgrading your AC unit.

  • Humidity levels: Examine the humidity level in your house. If the humidity levels in your area are high, your old AC unit will have to use more energy to cool your home. An upgraded unit will help cool down your home faster with less energy consumption.

Whether to replace or repair your AC unit depends entirely on your specific situation. If your AC unit is causing issues quite often, making loud noises, and approaching the end of its lifespan, it is better to replace it. However, if you are going to move shortly to another location or the issues you are facing aren’t significant, repairing it might be a good option. Call our team at J & S Heating And Air Conditioning for a consultation. We offer both residential and commercial service and installation.

View of Infinity® Series air conditioner

Choose the Carrier® Infinity® Series air conditioner for superior comfort. This series offers intelligent electronics and multi-speed capabilities that maximize indoor comfort and energy savings. The multi-stage option uses varying speeds and cooling capacities to control a consistent temperature in your home. This unit also includes:

  • Variable-speed rotary, two-stage or single-stage scroll compressors

  • Up to 21.0 SEER rating

  • Silencer System II™ with dBA as low as 56

  • Infinity® touch control

  • 10-year parts warranty

For enhanced comfort, choose the Carrier® Performance™ Series air conditioner. It can be selected in either a standard model or with two-stage units, giving it two levels of operation for more advanced running times and temperatures. This air conditioning unit includes:

  • Two-stage or single-stage scroll compressors

  • Up to 17.5 SEER rating

  • Sounds with dBA as low as 72

  • 10-year parts warranty

View of Performance™ Series air conditioner

For ultra-quiet comfort, choose the Carrier® Comfort™ Series ductless air conditioner. This system uses Puron® refrigerant and is perfect for any room or converted space where ductwork is unavailable. This system is easy to mount on any wall, and it will blend in with its smooth profile. The motorized louvres focus on a specified area and respond to changes in room temperature. It also includes:

  • Unobtrusive design

  • Remote access

  • Dehumidification mode

  • Up to 14.0 SEER rating

  • Sounds with dBA as low as 28

  • 10-year limited warranty

​For consistent temperatures and maximum comfort, contact J & S Heating And Air Conditioning to purchase and install your new Carrier® air conditioning system. We are the most reliable air conditioning service provider in St. Catharines and Niagara.

Comfort™ Series Air Conditioners

For reliable comfort, choose the Carrier® Comfort™ Series air conditioner. This air conditioner provides reliable, high-efficiency cooling for long-lasting comfort and energy savings. It was explicitly designed to be installed in rigorous coastal areas, meaning it’s exceptionally durable. This system includes:

  • Single-stage scroll compressor

  • Up to 16.5 SEER rating

  • Sounds with dBA as low as 72

  • 10-year parts warranty


Has your unit broken down all of a sudden? Don’t worry. Call our experts in St. Catharines to fix your air conditioner.

View of Carrier® Comfort™ Series air conditioner

Non-Ozone Depleting R-410A

These air conditioners use the EPA-approved and chlorine-free R-410A refrigerant, which does not contribute to ozone depletion.


Durable fan motor

  • Our fan motor can battle the summer heat for years of smooth-running operation and ensure reliable comfort.


Minimal resistance

  • The exclusive design of our fan blades improves economy and reduces noise from turbulent air movement.


Good looks

  • The corrosion-resistant, painted exterior finish will stay looking good now and for years to come.


Reliable R-410A compressor

  • You want the most important part of the entire unit to stay running strong, right? With built-in protective features, our compressor operates quietly and reliably for years of cooling comfort.


Smooth and quiet

  • Rubberized isolation pads create a buffer between the base pan and the compressor to absorb vibrations and minimize noise.

PA16NA (2).png


The following are some commonly asked questions about our air conditioners in St. Catharines:

Contact Us for Services for Air Conditioners in St. Catharines

Are you seeking the services of experienced technicians who can enhance your convenience by optimizing the functioning of your air conditioner in St. Catharines? We can help. Our focus is on providing you with personalized services that meet your unique needs. 

If you'd like to know more about our air conditioners in St. Catharines, we'd love to chat. We have years of experience serving the area's properties.

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