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Home Comfort Products in the Niagara Region to Keep You Comfortable

Each season brings with it different levels of moisture and contaminants to the air. At J & S Heating And Air Conditioning we offer various appliances and maintenance services that will maintain steady levels of moisture and remove allergens. We carry Carrier® humidifiers, dehumidifiers and air purifiers. Our home comfort products offer relief to residents in St. Catharines and the Niagara Region.


The patented Carrier® Infinity® air purifier is perfect for homeowners with allergen concerns. This premier air cleaning and purification solution provides the highest tested germ removal with a 99% inactivation rate for many bacteria, viruses and fungi.

The Carrier® Performance™ Series humidifier is designed to enhance the comfort of your home by adding moisture to the dry air during the winter. This system can also help save on energy by keeping moisture levels up. Choose from the five distinct Carrier® models and have J & S Heating And Air Conditioning install it for you.

View of a Carrier® Performance™ Series humidifier

This Carrier® Performance™ Series dehumidifier is capable of pulling moisture from the air to reduce humidity. In the summer months, we all know how oppressive those humid days can be. Keep the inside of your home cool and dry with the Carrier® dehumidifiers from J & S Heating And Air Conditioning.

If you want to compare prices for air purifiers or dehumidifiers in the Niagara Region,
contact J & S Heating And Air Conditioning for a free quote.

View of a Performance™ Series Dehumidifiers

Carrier® Air Filters, Vents and More from J & S Heating And Air Conditioning

Beyond the typical heating and cooling appliances such as boilers or water heaters, J & S Heating And Air Conditioning provides the Niagara Region with accessories and necessary electronics. Whether you’re looking for new air filters or a carbon monoxide alarm, J & S Heating And Air Conditioning can supply you with the best Carrier® appliances, installations and repairs.

View of a Ventilation

Carrier® offers several ventilation systems including:

  • Fresh Air Vent

  • ERV/HRV (in two models)

  • Add-On ERV

  • HRV


Each ventilation system is created for different areas and types of air. Carrier® recommends the HRV and the fresh air vent models for Canadian provinces due to their ability to provide comfort in long cold seasons.

Carrier provides air filtration products such as filter cabinets for furnaces and cartridge filters. Air filters treat 100% of the air in your home, removing airborne pollutants. Carrier® provides air filters that meet many needs with four levels of efficiency. Choose the level of air cleaning that is best for you and your family.

View of a Filter
View of a UV Lamps

UV Lamps

The cooling coil in your air conditioning unit can become infested with mould spores, bacteria and fungi. To prevent a reduction in the system’s efficiency and breathable contaminants being released, it is best to get a Carrier® germicidal UV lamp to sterilize the cooling coil.

Have your new Carrier® UV lamps and air filters installed by the professionals from J & S Heating And Air Conditioning. Call us today for a free quote on a product or service.

Thermostats to Maximize Comfort in the Niagara Region

Can’t adjust the temperature in your home? Get your thermostat repaired by the professionals at J & S Heating And Air Conditioning. We offer repair, maintenance, and installation services for thermostats and more.


For your life that’s always on the go, choose the best thermostat for you. J & S Heating And Air Conditioning offers a variety of thermostats to match various lifestyles, while always optimizing your family’s comfort.

This thermostat adds flair and functionality to your comfort system and will match your lifestyle with humidity management, energy monitoring and optional Wi-Fi®. This thermostat’s accessories include:

  • One-touch simplicity

  • Full-colour touchscreen

  • HYBRID HEAT® system

  • Anywhere access

  • Limited warranty

Thermostat_SYSTX1-300x300 (1) (1) (1).png

This thermostat offers convenience and affordability in one wall-mounted control. With remote connectivity to your system from any internet-connected device, this thermostat will merge your active lifestyle and your need for a comfortable home. This thermostat includes:

  • Vivid display with full-colour graphics

  • Responsive control with push-button navigation

  • Ultimate convenience with remote access

  • Secure online access with Carrier’s web portal

  • Built-in smarts which monitors energy use and more

No matter what lifestyle you have, J & S Heating And Air Conditioning can supply and install the perfect thermostat for you. Get a free quote or ask us more about our products and services.

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