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Reliable Furnace Repair in St. Catharines

If your home has been too cold the last few winters, you may want to rethink your heating system. J&S Heating & Air Conditioning offers repair and maintenance to your old furnace and installation of new furnaces.


At J&S Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand what residents expect from their heating products. We are associated with leading furnace manufacturing companies to offer our customers effective heating solutions. Rely on us for professional furnace repair in St. Catharines.


For furnaces with excellent annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings, you want to purchase a Carrier® condensing gas furnace. J&S Heating & Air Conditioning is an authorized Carrier® dealer.

Please speak to us if you require furnace repair in St. Catharines. We also supply other HVAC products and offer convenient renting programs.

Learn more about the furnaces we carry below.

View of Carrier® Infinity® Series condensing gas furnace

Infinity® Series Condensing Gas Furnaces

For ultra-quiet, extra-efficient comfort in your home, you need the Carrier® Infinity® Series condensing gas furnace. This furnace makes subtle adjustments throughout the day to its modulating gas valve and adaptable-speed components to keep up with a changing environment. It can also “remember” previous cycles to automatically adjust heating stages for the best comfort and energy efficiency. It also includes:

  • Variable-speed ECM motor

  • Up to 98.5% AFUE

  • Fully insulated, 20-gauge steel cabinet and doors

  • Infinity® touch control

  • 10-year parts warranty

  • Lifetime heat exchanger

Performance™ Series Condensing Gas Furnaces

For innovative comfort, get a Carrier® Performance™ Series condensing gas furnace. This furnace includes Comfort Heat Technology®, which accurately predicts the need for heat based on previous cycles. This results in quiet, consistent comfort and extra-energy efficiency. The furnace also includes:

  • Variable-speed ECM-PWM, multi-speed ECM motors

  • Up to 96.7% AFUE

  • Fully insulated, 20-gauge steel cabinet and doors

  • Côr™ Wi-Fi® thermostat

  • 10-year parts warranty

  • Lifetime heat exchanger

CPerformance™ Series Condensing Gas Furnaces
View of Comfort™ Series condensing gas furnace

For consistent comfort and high-efficiency, you’ll want a Carrier® Comfort™ Series condensing gas furnace. This system automatically switches between the gas and electric heating options to optimize its efficiency and prevent unpredictable utility costs. It also includes:

  • PSC motor

  • Up to 95.5% AFUE

  • Carrier® Wi-Fi® thermostat

  • 10-year parts warranty

  • Lifetime heat exchanger (59SC5)

  • 20-year heat exchanger (59SC2)

Payne®’s Range of Gas Furnace

When you purchase Payne® products, you will soon find out why they are right for you. Our furnaces aren’t just affordable — they’re built to perform.

PG95ESA (1).png

Our 96% energy-efficient furnace (PG96V) features a variable-speed motor. This technology saves you money year-round on electric bills while being extremely quiet. Saving money never sounded so good.


Extra efficiency

  • Our high-efficiency furnaces have 2 heat exchangers to extend the transferring of heat, getting the most out of the fuel. Our secondary heat exchanger is specially designed for lasting corrosion resistance and durability. Backed by a 20-year parts limited warranty.



  • The hot surface igniter makes sure you can count on heating when you need it.



  • We did get a little fancy with our advanced electronic control for reliable activation and continuous monitoring of the system.


Quiet & Draft-free

  • We seal our combustion system to virtually eliminate drafts and deliver quiet operation.


Motor options

  • The broader the spectrum of speeds a motor can accommodate, the more efficiently and quietly the furnace heats and circulates the air. We offer furnaces with standard, multi-speed and variable-speed motors.

Signs You Need Furnace Repair

When your furnace is damaged, neglecting the problem will worsen it, causing you to spend money on expensive repairs later. Not only that, but a poorly functioning furnace will affect your comfort during the winter months. We recommend paying attention to the following signs that can suggest a need for furnace repair in St. Catharines:

  • Increased energy costs
    If your energy bills have risen this winter for no apparent reason, your poorly functioning furnace might be to blame.

  • Uneven heating
    Under normal circumstances, your furnace should be heating your property evenly, leaving no hot and cold spots. The failure to do so means that your unit might require repairs.

  • Unusual sounds
    A constant whirring sound is typical in a furnace, but unusual banging, rattling, groaning and humming mean trouble. If the noises continue, you should schedule repairs.

  • Abnormal smells
    Abnormal smells can indicate poor combustion, aldehydes, or a gas leak. Whatever the reason, unusual smells from your furnace are a cause for alarm and urgent action.

  • Carbon monoxide alarm
    You shouldn't ignore a carbon monoxide alarm under any circumstances. Please evacuate your property as soon as your alarm goes off and call for urgent repair services.

If you notice anything amiss with your unit, please call us for furnace repair in St. Catharines. We offer various commercial and residential services.

Furnace Repair

Contact Us Today

For professional furnace repairs in St. Catharines, contact us today. Find the perfect furnace for your home through J & S Heating And Air Conditioning in St. Catharines. Call us at 905-682-9287 for more information about our furnaces and water heaters.

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