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Boiler Heating Systems in St. Catharines

J&S Heating & Air Conditioning also provides maintenance, repair and installation services for your home or business’ boiler. We offer various types, including Carrier® boilers that are known for dependable heating and efficient performance that will keep you warm in the winter. These boilers are engineered for performance in a compact cabinet and should easily fit into the space where your older, larger unit was housed.


With gas and oil models that all offer integrated boiler control, you’re sure to be satisfied with your Carrier® boiler.


For more information, read the Carrier® boilers brochure and be sure to call J&S Heating & Air Conditioning to have your new boiler installed in St. Catharines and the Niagara Region.


Why Should You Buy Carrier® Boilers?


Carrier® is one of the largest HVAC manufacturers in the world. The brand has shown innovation in performance and efficiency during the last 70 years. Carrier® markets its boilers as having less noise and draft than other brands. Carrier® boilers are available in two series, performance and comfort. For optimal heating, Carrier® boilers use either aluminum or iron heat exchanger. Efficiency (high AFUE, Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency ratings), versatility (models fit in any space) and warranty ( 5 years if registered within 90 days of installation) are what you should expect from any Carrier Boiler®.


Benefits of a Carrier® Boiler :

  • Consistent heat
    This could be a big consideration when pondering whether to get a furnace or boiler. You won't have as cold feet in the winter when using a boiler as you would with forced air, which tends to keep the air but not the surfaces warm.


  • Less operational noise
    Boilers are generally quieter than furnaces because you don’t hear the sound of hot air blowing or the ducts crack and crinkle as they expand.
  • Clear the driveway
    With the help of underfloor tubing, you can circulate heat and melt ice or snow in your courtyard or driveway more easily and effectively compared to shovelling.
  • Low maintenance
    Boilers typically cost less to run than forced-air systems and do not have filters that require cleaning.
  • Good air quality
    Since boilers do not spew air all over the place like a forced-air system they do not spread any dust or allergens. They also don’t dry out the air as much as blown hot air does.
  • Spa Treatment and radiant heating
    A boiler can be used to heat your swimming pool or hot tub. Also, when connected to panel radiators or baseboard heaters, you can heat the whole room using a boiler.


Choosing the boiler that’s right for you can be tricky, but knowing about all of the options above is the important first step. Our team of experts will help you make the right decision.Connect with us if you are looking for a boiler heating system in St. Catharines!


Boiler Heating System in St. Catharines

No one likes an unexpected cold front. Our hassle-free boiler heating system is the solution for your home.


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